Dr. Glen Fenter

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In June of 2015, Dr. Glen Fenter became the lead of workforce development efforts in the Mid-South as President of the Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACW). The alliance was created to build a pipeline of high-skilled workers to meet the needs of businesses throughout the region.

Before taking the role at GMACW, Dr. Fenter served as president of Mid-South Community College since its inception in 1992, growing it into an acclaimed institution focused on developing the regional workforce for emerging jobs.

Known for his innovative approaches to educating the workforce, Dr. Fenter is credited with creating the Arkansas Delta Training and Education Consortium (ADTEC), a comprehensive workforce and economic development model across eastern Arkansas in collaboration with four community colleges which has garnered more than $65 million in federal funding to develop a skilled workforce. Fenter’s passion for growing the area economy through an educated workforce led to the development of innovative programs for high school students allowing secondary students to take college classes for concurrent college credit. He also recently created with the West Memphis School District a conversion charter school to increase public school students’ access to high-tech skill based programming enabling students to simultaneously earn both high school and college credits, the first high school/community college charter of its kind in Arkansas.

Forming strategic partnerships has been key to Dr. Fenter’s success in workforce development. A relationship with FedEx allowed for the creation of a new aviation technology program with funding and guidance coming from the company. He accessed growing synergy in applied biodiesel research, education and production in partnership with Montana State Northern University, the University of Memphis, alt! Consulting, Arkansas State University and Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas. While maintaining a competitive edge, Fenter also partnered with Southwest Tennessee Community College to create The Greater Memphis Training and Education Consortium (GMTEC) to foster improved workforce education and economic development for the greater Memphis area.

Dr. Fenter has served as chair of the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges and as co-chair of the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board Executive Council. Active in local service and leadership organizations, he has been named a West Memphis Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow and Citizen of the Year by the West Memphis Chamber of Commerce.

Fenter is a graduate of Hendrix College and holds an Ed. D. from the University of Arkansas. He is married and has four children.