2017 Program

RegionSmart Summit Returns April 27, 2017 at Halloran Centre 

Second annual gathering of mayors and civic leaders from throughout the Midsouth to discuss future of workforce development, transportation and land use. 

Speakers include:

Ellen Dunham-Jones, Georgia Tech. Ms. Jones, a charter member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Georgia Tech professor and “architectural theorist” has spoken around the world about the emerging field of sprawl repair and redesigning surburbia to be more productive, valuable, and livable. Visit Ms Jones at her TED page.

Access Ellen's Presentation Video here.

Paulo Nunes-Ueno is the former director of transportation mobility for the city of Seattle and Seattle Children’s Hospital and is a nationally-renowned expert in sustainable transportation and effective urban solutions for transit, mobility and parking. He specializes in helping cities, neighborhoods, and major employers develop innovative plans that safely and efficiently meet the varied transportation needs of workers, residents, and visitors. Paulo last visited Memphis in October 2016 as part of the Memphis Medical District Collaborative and Innovate Memphis' parking summit. 

Access Paulo's Presentation Video here.

Mitchell J. Silver has been the NYC Parks Commissioner since May 2014, and has overseen several major initiatives bringing equity, innovative design, and cutting-edge placemaking techniques to New York City’s 30,000-acre park system. He previously served as the Chief Planning & Development Officer and Planning Director for Raleigh, NC, where he led the comprehensive plan update process and a rewriting of the development code to create a vibrant 21st century city. An internationally recognized planner, Commissioner Silver is the immediate past president of the American Planning Association (APA). 

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Access Mitchell's Presentation slides here.

Peter Kageyama, For the Love of Cities. Mr. Kageyama’s renowned exploration of “the love affair between people and their cities” shows how we can build a stronger bond with the places we live; spoiler alert: its not what local governments and local politicians think. Visit Mr. Kageyama at For the Love of Cities.

Access Peter's Presentation Video here.

Michael Randle, Southern Business & Development. Mr. Randle’s “Randle Report” has been a go-to tipsheet for political and economic news from the American south for years. He’ll share his analysis of the factors shaping today’s workforce needs and how cities and counties can work together to meet them. Visit Southern Business & Development's website.

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Mayor Joe Riley is the former Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, where he served ten terms between 1975 and 2016. During his four-decade tenure, Mayor Riley led Charleston with an progressive and innovative record advancing public safety, affordable housing, arts and culture, parkland and public spaces, and economic development. He is currently a professor of American Government and Public Policy at The Citadel and speaks extensively on urban development issues.

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Kevin Woods & Patrick Johnston Workforce Development.

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Access their Presentation slides here.

Registration begins at 8:30 AM

9:00     Opening Remarks and Morning Session
             Dr. Jim Johnson: Midsouth Demographics
             Peter Kageyama: For the Love of Cities
             Kevin Woods and Patrick Johnston: Workforce Development

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Intro Remarks and Afternoon Session
            Mayor Joe Riley, Charleston, SC
            Michael Randle: Economic Development in the Midsouth
            Paulo Nunes-Ueno: Sustainable Transportation Planning
            Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting Suburbia

           Mitchell Silver: 21st Century Regionalism
            Mayors: Call to Action

5:00     Reception
6:00     Conclusion


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